Scalability [Philip de Souza]

Scalability is no doubt one of the most important aspects that a business should always keep in mind. Who better to ask than Philip de Souza? Experienced in the areas of corporate strategy and go-to-market strategy, Philip has some key insights that any company dealing with scalability can learn from. SBEC: What would you say [...]

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I’ve Got a Great Idea! [Patrick Stacy]

When Patrick Stacy, SBEC financial & business mentor, was asked what advice he would give entrepreneurs, he had some very helpful insights. Read to find out more! First off…the disclaimer. I am NOT an entrepreneur. But during my career as a CFO for middle-market businesses, I have helped entrepreneurs with great ideas turn those ideas [...]

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Does a Formal Education Help Young Entrepreneurs?

As a co-founder, Mike Grimshaw has been with the SBEC since the beginning. He is a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and carries that vision over to the college where he teaches. Continue to find out about Mike's thoughts on formal education and entrepreneurship! “ Most of what you hear about entrepreneurship is all wrong. It’s [...]

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My Advice for Entrepreneurs [Christopher Braun]

SBEC recently asked a few of our mentors to share insights with everyone about growing businesses. SBEC's Chairman of the Board, Christopher Braun, shared some valuable ideas. Enjoy! What is your best advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs? Several things come to mind: Develop a group of advisors/ mentors as soon as possible...they can help you [...]

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