Important Mid-Year Business Development & Sales Questions [Matt Golding]

Consider Asking Yourself These Important Questions during the Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer Whether you’re an entrepreneur launching your first product or the CEO of an established company, driving sales is the primary goal to your business’s success. This mid-summer junction provides a perfect opportunity to think about what’s worked for growing your business [...]

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Always Be Marketing [Martha Spelman]

If anybody knows anything about marketing, it is Martha Spelman. As a successful marketing consultant, author and entrepreneur, Martha knows exactly what she is talking about. Here are her words on marketing for businesses to keep in mind: For any business, it is imperative to ALWAYS BE MARKETING. Market when you’re not busy but especially [...]

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Scalability [Philip de Souza]

Scalability is no doubt one of the most important aspects that a business should always keep in mind. Who better to ask than Philip de Souza? Experienced in the areas of corporate strategy and go-to-market strategy, Philip has some key insights that any company dealing with scalability can learn from. SBEC: What would you say [...]

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I’ve Got a Great Idea! [Patrick Stacy]

When Patrick Stacy, SBEC financial & business mentor, was asked what advice he would give entrepreneurs, he had some very helpful insights. Read to find out more! First off…the disclaimer. I am NOT an entrepreneur. But during my career as a CFO for middle-market businesses, I have helped entrepreneurs with great ideas turn those ideas [...]

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