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SBEC Pitch Night (August 2016)

SBEC Pitch Night was another fun, inspiring and interactive meeting of entrepreneurial minds. After a brief introduction from Executive Director Gary Polk and Lead Mentor Mike Manahan, the pitches began. All three companies showcased are currently working within the SBEC cohort program. First, Alina Ugas, co-founder of The Final Step, shared her vision for their [...]

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How Do Those @#$%^ Angel Groups Survive (AKA Angels Behaving Badly) [Joe Platnick]

In my original Top 10 list of criteria for selecting an angel investor, there were two items that aren’t often discussed, but are worth scrutinizing during the fundraising process: (1) Honesty and integrity and (2) Are they respectful of entrepreneurs If you talk to founders and CEOs that have gone through early-stage fundraising, many will [...]

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Beware of the Money Changers [Joe Platnick]

In blog posts over the years, one of the topics I frequently talk about is how to evaluate an Angel group. Today’s post addresses “do they actually have capital and a track record of investing their own personal funds” and is from a story I’ve told at several entrepreneurial events. Although most people assume it’s [...]

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The Angel Funding Process – What Every Entrepreneur Should Know [Joe Platnick]

[This article originally appeared in 2013 - Mr. Platnick has updated to reflect recent marketplace changes.] Recently a company founder asked me about what kinds of things entrepreneurs have done (and should do) to increase the odds of getting funded. A few years ago John Isaacson, past Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, did a presentation [...]

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SBEC Pitch Night: May 19, 2015

Join SBEC and exciting startup companies on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The event will be held at the offices of SBEC (1215 El Prado Ave, Torrance, CA). Please note the change of venue. Watch exciting Los Angeles and South Bay startups pitch their companies to Venture Capitalists and angel [...]

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