Schlep & Fetch was founded by husband and wife team, Bryson Strauss and Ashley Eaton. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Bryson and Ashley desperately needed someone to make a late night diaper run and could not find a service to do so, so they invented Schlep & Fetch in 2011.

Schlep & Fetch simplifies & expedites life with on-demand delivery services. They pick up your dry cleaning, run your errands, do your shopping, service your cravings, surprise your friends, assist your assistant, save you time so you can spend it however you want to spend it.

“Schlep & Fetch has become more disciplined and refined in its operations since joining the SBEC cohort. The guidance and advice provided by mentors and other cohort members, has been invaluable.”

In particular, Schlep & Fetch has worked with several mentors to improve their investor presentation, develop their business across new vertical markets and find innovative ways to motivate their staff.

“I absolutely recommend SBEC. After feeling like we’ve be going it alone for so long, to have access to a group of professionals who help us and to be able to connect with other entrepreneurs, to share stories and compare notes, has been fantastic. The experience has greatly invigorated our efforts.”
Co-Founder of Schlep & Fetch

SBEC Client: SmartCSM

SmartCSM was conceived in 2011 by a third-generation commercial electrical contractor who was repeatedly hired to map & trace the same fuse panel for a major customer. Realizing there was no digital repository for the as-built drawings he prepared, SmartCSM then built a robust Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Current customers include Salvation Army, Raytheon & DHL.

SmartCSM has come a long way in the past year. “Our business focus has evolved tremendously since joining SBEC. When we came in, we were fractured, chasing sales without a real plan. SBEC taught us to focus. We’ve developed our sales strategy to approach business vertical-by-vertical since sales channels were not equal.”

“I absolutely recommend SBEC. To raise money in the current climate is difficult, especially while launching or expanding a business. By regularly pitching our business through SBEC channels, we were able to hone our pitch down to the crucial slides that tell our story. I love being around the mentors, having a stable of super intelligent business people to tap.  SBEC is a one-stop shop for a great deal of brain power.”

Co-Founder of SmartCSM

SBEC Company: Genius Juice
Genius Juice brings an all organic coconut smoothie to the market, where it is extremely filling and nourishing and functions as a meal replacement. Genius Juice has also innovated by being the first company to blend ‘whole’ coconut drinks vs. just coconut water.

Genius Juice’s target market is consumers who are health conscious, and highly appreciate organic, higher quality products. These consumers don’t mind spending a bit more for organic, healthy beverages.

While working with SBEC, Genius Juice has raised capital, expanded to more stores, and changed its packaging to improve velocity at the store level.

“I enjoy being able to connect with other entrepreneurs that share the passion and drive to create a business and grow it. My favorite thing about SBEC is getting different perspectives on running a business and hearing the experiences (successes and failures) straight from other entrepreneurs.”

As a result of working with SBEC, Genius Juice has learned how to build and deliver the best pitch.

“I would recommend SBEC for any entrepreneur at any life cycle of their business, because you only grow more as a person and professional when you are surrounded by other entrepreneurs in the same room!”