Genius Juice Successfully Utilizes Equity Crowdfunding

As a follow up to the first episode, Matt speaks to Alex Bayer, Founder of Genius Juice, and discusses how and why equity crowdfunding was used by his growing company. Along with Mark Hiraide, Matt asks questions of Alex to gain a better understanding of Genius Juice’s partnership with Wefunder and the important steps he took to insure a successful campaign.

About Alex Bayer

Alex is the Founder and CEO of Genius Juice- developers of the world’s first whole coconut smoothie, a delicious drink that utilizes both the coconut water and coconut meat! Genius Juice was founded in 2014 and is now available in over 1300 stores, including Whole Foods, Von’s, Publix and many more. Genius Juice was seen on Shark Tank in January 2020 and recently raised over $2.2M with Wefunder!

About Mark Hiraide

Mark is a corporate and securities Partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, and former Branch Chief of the SEC in LA and Washington DC. He participated in drafting the crowdfunding provisions of the JOBS act passed by Congress in 2012. Mark serves on the Board of Directors for the SBEC and is also a “Specialist-Mentor” for the organization.

About the SBEC Interview Series

The SBEC is excited to offer to the South Bay community, an informative interview series hosted by Matt Golding (Marketing Mentor at the SBEC, and CSO of Story Line Strategy).  On a regular basis, he’ll have special guests share their insight and expertise on timely entrepreneurial and small business topics.   We hope you’ll find this new program helpful and educational and we welcome you to invite other entrepreneurs you might know as well to view and listen in.