The South Bay Entrepreneurial Center was formed as a public-benefit corporation in 2011 by a group of civic and business leaders in Torrance and the South Bay. The original founders of the SBEC, Mike Grimshaw and Lee Petillon, wanted to create an environment where founders and companies could gain knowledge and support to build lasting businesses.

Our purpose is to assist startups and emerging growth companies by providing education, resources, physical plant, networking, coaching, mentoring, funding avenues and a supportive collaborative environment – to nurture and grow ideas into reality.

Our seasoned mentor team of professionals, first-class physical facilities, and diversified training & advising programs will give the entrepreneurs a strong foundation to launch their organizations and feel confident that they will have an excellent opportunity to be successful.

The success of these new companies will contribute to the growth of the South Bay’s economy, creating jobs and strengthening the infrastructure for economic development.