Steve Moses

SBEC Mentor: Steve Moses


Steve Moses is a “deal maker.” A graduate of Harvard Law School, he has practiced law, served as an officer of several businesses, as a Board member of numerous public companies (from NYSE to Bulletin Board) and served his community and the U.S. government in leadership roles. He has over 40 years of experience in finance, mergers & acquisitions, as well as business and real estate development.

Moses has been involved in the privatization and capitalization of businesses in the emerging economies of the former Soviet Bloc. He was a member of the Board of The Central Asian-American Enterprise Fund, appointed by the President of the United States and was Chair of its Investment Committee. He was a United Nations (OSCE) election supervisor in Albania and Bosnia. He served as a Judge Pro Tem for the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles. In addition, he served on several Presidential Commissions. He was an officer of the Democratic National Committee and served in leadership roles in the presidential campaigns of Al Gore, Mike Dukakis, Paul Tsongas and Walter Mondale.

He received a BS in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College and is a Cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law School.


  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Finance
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation)
  • Low Income Housing and Urban Redevelopment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Revenue Generation and Enhancement