John Rosati: SBEC Mentor

Mr. Rosati is a professional consultant and advisor to industrial, commercial, financial, educational and government organizations – domestic and international. He assists Board of Directors, CEOs, and executive decision makers in assessing opportunities and challenges created by innovation and the rapid technological changes in today’s marketplace. He has operating experience as CEO, CIO, CTO and as senior executive in directing the development of high technology systems and managing the development of high technology products in complex, multi-product and multi-service corporate structures. Mr. Rosati provides leadership and guidance to corporate executives in the development, transfer, conversion and commercialization of high technology and the formulation of business development strategies for the aerospace, industrial and commercial marketplaces.

Mr. Rosati is a retired Senior Executive with TRW Electronics and Defense with an aggregate 28 years of experience in directing advanced technology initiatives in Systems Engineering Integration and Test; Information Systems; Data Base Management Systems; Local Area Networks; Human Machine Interface Systems; Computer Security; Knowledge Engineering; Parallel Processing; Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Systems.

Since his retirement from TRW, Mr. Rosati has served as a Senior Officer and Director of a number of companies in the technology, professional services, turnaround and investment banking sectors. Presently, he is a Member of the Board of Directors and Vice President and Technology Officer of the South Bay Entrepreneurial Center in Southern California.

Over the years Mr, Rosati has been a frequent speaker and lecturer at seminars and conferences sponsored by professional associations, universities and the United Nations. He has authored several texts and articles and since 1964 he has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, management, business administration, and management science at West Coast University and University Extension courses in computer science, systems engineering, systems management, program management and technical management at UCLA.