John Cowles

Mr. Cowles has had his own Management and Financial Consulting practice since 2009. Prior to starting his consulting practice, Mr. Cowles worked for both Public and Private Corporations for 35 years, the last 20 years serving in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Cowles experience includes 2 IPOs and the raising of startup venture capital. Mr. Cowles has experience in developing and implementing corporate policy and procedures for organizational quality improvement and the setting up of accounting systems, financial statements and financial models in support of business decision making. Mr. Cowles is experienced in Government reporting, reimbursement and regulatory compliance with the SEC, DCAA, CMS and OSHPD.


  • Management and Financial Consulting for startup and mid stage companies
  • Development and Execution of Business Plans
  • Capital Raising
  • Staging for IPO, Merger/Acquisition or Sale
  • Management Development


  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Entertainment