Meet SBEC Mentor Allan Colman

We sat with SBEC lead mentor Allan Colman to ask a few questions about his experiences while working with SBEC…

You’ve been an active mentor at SBEC since its early days. What would you say has been your favorite part of being a mentor?

Actually, the best part has been the most recent part – being on the cohort selection committee. Meeting the people starting or looking to grow their ideas into reality, and giving them the opportunity to become mentored by SBEC is quite rewarding. And it further builds the SBEC.

SBEC emphasizes teaching companies to find better ways to grow. From the companies you have worked with, either as a consultant or as a mentor, what do you think are the most common reasons for slow or plateaued growth?

Lack of realistic objectives. It’s fine to say you will grow your company to 2 million dollars next year, with only $70,000 in sales this year. But if they really want to grow, they need a combination of a dose of reality and then active direction and support.

What is your prescription for overcoming slow or plateaued growth?

They need us and the skills, experience and abilities our mentors bring to determine if they can grow, and then help with the process.

What are your must-have tools for marketing your own products and services?

Someone who can play “devil’s advocate.”

What’s something you wish someone had told you when you were starting out?

How to scale the business, taking a longer term look at the services and how to watch out for new competitors who say they can do what we do [and of course cheaper].

What is your goal as a Lead Mentor with SBEC? What do you want to see happening in the community?

It’s already happening. When you look at the number of attendees at all of the SBEC events, and the interest in joining us, our impact is only beginning to be felt. And with Torrance a great place to grow new businesses, keep looking upward.

Be sure to check out Dr. Colman’s latest book Crazy Impact, which we wrote about earlier. And if you see him at an SBEC event, be sure to meet him – you’ll glean a sales, marketing or business tip every time…

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