SBEC Company: Zen Mount

Founders: James Lin, Matthew Tarnay
Founded: 2013
Employees: 1
Phone: (310) 783-0229

Zen Mount, through 3 years of research, has developed a compact mounting system that helps tablet users position their devices to suit the tasks at hand.

Millions enjoy using tablets at home and office. However, many engrossing activities, such as reading and watching videos, create discomfort for the users from holding the tablets for lengthy period of time. Invariably, many look for solutions to address this problem.

Yet most mounting products on the market cannot fully solve this problem. Most were converted from archaic structures, such as desk lamps, which do not ideally support the weight and user interactions of tablets.

Our unique Simul-Lock™ design, specifically engineered to compliment modern technologies, exceeds current products in: 1) total positionable range, 2) the ease of adjustment, and 3) load capacity.

The design also offers OEM opportunities to provide value in industrial and professional applications where frequent and precise positioning of specialized devices is needed.

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