SBEC Company: Webigami

Founder: David Silverberg
Founded: October 2013
Employees: 5
Phone: (424) 247-3149

Webigami is an operations platform for streamlining businesses. The platform is based on a new kind of “sheet” called Webigami that can be combined with other sheets to manage any kind of business operation.

Spreadsheets capture information and lock it in. With Webigami sheets, your information flows. Between sheets. Between users. With workflow. User selections. Alerts and reminders. Over smart phones and on desktops.

Webigami is for everyone who has operations challenges. Who want to eliminate double-entry. Who want their operations to flow smoothly. With clarity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Webigami is currently engaged in technology trials with firms interested in automating their operations. Interested? To find out more, call us and ask for a demonstration.

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