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SBEC Company: TNG Visuals

Founder: Nick Tesi
Founder: 2010
Employees: 8Office:(424) 237-1730
Toll Free: (877) 879-2040

TNG Visual Effects provides 3D Scanning Services to help the visual effects industry in their storytelling with digital assets that we have scanned, including : characters, animals, props, vehicles, buildings and more.The digitalized assets that we create are then used in film, television, commercials and video games.

TNG Visual Effects provides efficient quality service that is also highly mobile. We react quickly to unpredictable changes in production schedules and can be on-site if need be. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, the capital of the television and film industry, and have satellite locations conveniently located across North America.

TNG Visual Effects ideal customers include:

  • Visual effects producers in film, advertising, and music
  • Visual effects producers/supervisors in television
  • Art directors and producers in the video games industry


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