SBEC Company: Speed to Contact

Founder: Beau Bratton
Founded: 2009
Employees: 7
Phone:  (310) 927-7177

Based on a study done by MIT: “The odds of calling to contact a lead decrease by over 10 times in the first hour.”

Speed-to-Contact provides Auto Dialer & Click-to-Call services to help companies in Education, Mortgage, Insurance, and other Lead Generation categories automate and manage their communication process, with utilization of the fastest & most efficient Lead Response system on the market.

The big problem is many sales managers don’t do anything to automate or speed up that process internally. Many leads are never even called at all. In this modern age people want information now, and lead response has become a game of seconds, not even minutes or hours.

Speed to Contact monitors and automates the process of calling leads fast so that managers can sit back and relax knowing that all their leads are being followed up on in the first few seconds.

Our proprietary system Is deeply integrated with many of the the CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management systems) & LMS’s (Lead Management Systems) making for seamless integration. We have an easy to use API/Webservice and our own telephony servers giving us flexibility and cost advantages.

Speed-to-Contact is best suited for companies that generate or purchase between 100 to 2,000+ Internet leads per day and need to speak directly with their clients in order to close the deal. Also for our new Speed-to-Call (Click-to-Call) products we are looking for companies that receive over 1,000 unique website visitors per month, or that send at least 50,000 or more emails per month.

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