SBEC Company: Phone Flipper

Company: Three4D Designs
Founder: Tim Pearce
Founded: 2016
Employees: 3


Phone Flipper is a simple phone accessory that allows you to hold your phone and go hands-free to multi-task with just a flip. Phone Flipper also makes scrolling and texting more comfortable and it puts an end to that precarious fingertip balancing act with your $700 phone.

Constructed from durable, flexible vinyl, with a 3M adhesive backing, Phone Flipper is a super-strong, peel and stick-on finger loop accessory for your mobile phone. Phone Flipper sticks to phone or cases, allowing you to go hands-free quickly when needed, and helps prevent high-cost phone drops. It is simply a more comfortable, functional and fashionable way to hold and carry your mobile phone. Other products in this space don’t enable you to go hands-free.

The Phone Flipper works for customers of all ages, genders, and life stages (anyone who owns a phone or tablet).

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