Founder: Jasmine Douglas
Founded: 2016
Employees: 1
Phone: (760) 622-6622

Naturally Boundless provides natural hair and skincare products to help curly girls streamline and simplify their regimen by purchasing fewer products and getting better results from them. Our ideal customers are women of color with natural hair that are looking to simplify their hair care routine.

The beauty industry recently started creating products specifically for curly girls and multi-cultural women, creating a buzz around new hair care products for women of color who wear their hair naturally. These women buy a myriad of products to achieve a single style, earning the nickname “product junkies” in the natural hair community. They buy and use so many products that the hair regimen is time consuming and significantly more expensive. Naturally Boundless’ multi-use products help curly girls reduce the number of products purchased and used but with outstanding results.

Naturally Boundless creates products that have multiple uses. Instead of our customers buying multiple hair & beauty products, they can choose one Naturally Boundless product. For example, our Clarifying Shampoo & Body Bar can be used as a cleansing soap bar for body and hair. The market is saturated with products that show little variation. The goal of Naturally Boundless is to create products that replace many with one.

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