SBEC Company: Molosser Apparel

Founder: Larry Herman
Founded: 2012
Employees: 3
Phone: (310) 403-4155
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Molosser Apparel is developing protective clothing for dogs using high-performance technical fabrics and components.

We provide weather/insect protection systems for dogs. Protective outerwear and accessories for dogs, that protect dogs from rain, sleet, snow, road salts, dirt/mud, UV rays, mosquitoes, ticks, etc. Our products address adverse/inclement weather (wet/snowy/cold/hot/UV ray, low-light/night-time, etc.) and hazardous insect (ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, etc.) conditions, faced by dog owners and their beloved best friends…their dogs!

Molosser Apparel: Larry Herman and RustyOur garments are designed with scientifically-advanced, technology-driven, high-performance, branded water-proof/breathable technical fabrics, high-end weather resistant zippers/closures, truly innovative adjustable-sizing systems and industry-leading reflective glass-bead impregnated fabric/trim technology. We employ state-of-the art design tools and world-class manufacturing techniques and procedures. What sets Molosser apart from other firms in this market space and to coin a term…Molosser Apparel’s products are the “Rolls-Royce of dog jackets and accessories.”

Our ideal customers are people who clearly view their dog(s) as family members, as their “fur-children.” That is, people who view, hold and (proudly) acknowledge their dogs as an integral, critical and deeply loved addition to their life and family!

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