Make A Film Foundation

Make A Film Foundation

Founder: Tamika Lamison
Founded: 2007
Employees: 3

The mission of the Make A Film Foundation is to grant film wishes to children who have serious or life-threatening medical conditions. We team them with industry professionals who help them to create short film legacies.

We are the only organization where these children star in their own short films with Hollywood celebrities and major directors, helping them write/create the story. Our projects generate awareness of various medical challenges, offer hope & self-esteem and provide a creative outlet for these children who are often marginalized due to their illness.

The people most interested in participating in Make A Film have a child or loved one dealing with a serious or life-threatening medical condition. In addition, many people in the film, health or medical field are interested in what we do.

Make A Film Foundation: Tamika LamisonCONTACT
Tamika Lamison
Phone: (323) 273-9954
Twitter: @Makeafilmfnd

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