SBEC Company: J&B Popcorn

Founders: Juan & Briana “Bree” Young
Founded: 2015
Employees: 2

J&B Popcorn’s vision is to be the world’s premier gourmet popcorn company, offering high quality, superior tasting food to people everywhere. J&B Popcorn offers superior quality products, unique, innovative flavors, and convenient ways to purchase our products.

We plan to distribute through grocery stores and direct through our website, operate J&B Popcorn retail stores nationally and coordinate fundraising campaigns with local schools and organizations. We are currently working to complete the build-out of our eye-catching retail store that will serve made-to-order popcorn with flavors like rosemary, chili cheese and movie theater.

Zebra: A delicious combination of caramel popcorn drizzled with white and semi-sweet chocolate.
Birthday Cake:  Our classic caramel coated in a special mix of white chocolate and topped with rainbow sprinkles.
Caramel Apple: Sweet and tangy meet in perfect harmony with our original caramel and green apple flavored popcorn.
Caramel:  Pure cane brown sugar gives our original caramel a wonderful sun kissed tan and some crunch.
Chi-Town Mix:  Savory and sweet. Classic caramel perfectly balanced with cheddar cheese.
Cinnamon Roll:  Caramel and cinnamon all rolled into one.
Cinnamon Kettle:  Kettle Corn with a dash of cinnamon for a delicious baked taste.
Kettle Corn:  The right amount of sweet and salty to satisfy your cravings.
Mad Cheddar:  Spicy cheddar that will make your taste buds mad when it’s all gone.
White Cheddar:  Made with white cheddar cheese, your taste buds will have a flavor explosion with every kernel!
Cheddar Cheese:  Smooth sharp cheddar cheese melted and poured on top of freshly made popcorn kernels! Cheese Heaven!


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