IvyEGG: Educational Guidance Group


Founder: Inny Kim
Founded: 2013
Employees: 10

IvyEGG provides the competitive advantage that students need to discover and develop their passions, hobbies and academics in order to gain admission to top colleges and universities. The company helps high-achieving high school students gain admission to Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and other top institutions by distinguishing themselves in their college applications, essays and interviews. IvyEGG connects students to special community service, volunteer and research opportunties matched to their specific backgrounds and interests, not only to prepare them for college but for their future life goals.

We offer a range of services for our international and domestic students. We travel all over the world to biring the best counselors and tutors to our students in order to help them achieve their goals and make the best matches in college and boarding school admission.

Inny Kim
Phone: (213) 293-3214
Website: http://ivyegg.com

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