SBEC Company: Fayfaire Clothng

Founders: Emily & Jeff Wilcox
Founded: 2015
Employees: 4
Phone:  (424) 241-3647

Fayfaire creates baby & toddler clothing to help gift givers and parents celebrate babies with a style as unique as they are.

Fayfaire customers don’t have to hunt around for a fun baby gift by scouring the mall or buying the same shirt that thousands of other kiddos wear from Target (or other big box stores.) The idea for Fayfaire was born shortly after the founders welcomed their daughter Faye into the world. They wanted to create unique, boutique-quality baby apparel that would make a statement without sacrificing style.

Fayfaire clothing is designed for people who think baby clothing can be hip, edgy, and clever. The founders’ experience on the parenthood journey was their inspiration, and the profits from Fayfaire go directly into a college fund. They also pay it forward by donating baby onesies to families with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through a partnership with Miracle Babies charity.

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