SBEC Company: Dewgood

Founder: Reuben Vollmer
Founded: 2015

dewGood makes water from the air with energy from the sun. We provide the freshest and most sustainable source of water for plants and people on Earth.

dewGood has one mission: to simply dewGood by providing the best possible product to the people who want to make a difference, be independent and live a truly sustainable life. We strive to provide a product for people who want to take pride in making their own water.

We live in an age where we can make our own water to drink or water our plants without taking it from delicate fresh or saltwater ecosystems.

We have the power to make our own water without relying on weather systems, fossil fuels, plastic, ground water, saltwater membranes, thousands of miles of underground leaking pipes, regulations or municipal facilities.

We hope to inspire a new kind of technology for people, a new kinder technology that hopes toundew the mistakes of old ways of thinking and pave the way for our new sustainable future.

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