The SBEC Innovation Doctor: Meet Tim Brewer

SBEC's "Innovation Doctor" Tim Brewer is an industrial designer and idea development specialist. He's an Adjunct Instructor at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and somehow teaches interaction design at the Art Institute of Seattle too (frequent flyer...). Tim helps his students and clients design innovative solutions using a method he developed [...]

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The Angel Funding Process – What Every Entrepreneur Should Know [Joe Platnick]

[This article originally appeared in 2013 - Mr. Platnick has updated to reflect recent marketplace changes.] Recently a company founder asked me about what kinds of things entrepreneurs have done (and should do) to increase the odds of getting funded. A few years ago John Isaacson, past Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, did a presentation [...]

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Meet SBEC Mentor Allan Colman

We sat with SBEC lead mentor Allan Colman to ask a few questions about his experiences while working with SBEC... You’ve been an active mentor at SBEC since its early days. What would you say has been your favorite part of being a mentor? Actually, the best part has been the most recent part – [...]

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SBEC Book Club: Crazy Impact written by Allan Colman

This month's recommended book features contributions from SBEC Lead Mentor Allan Colman. Dr. Colman relates the components of exceptional leadership and how to make a Crazy Impact. Through his work as a chief executive and as an adviser to managing partners, he has identified 6 skills that are crucially linked in order to make an [...]

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