SBEC Crowdfunding Trends in 2016 Breakfast Event Q&A (Part 2 of 2)

The South Bay Entrepreneurial Center in Torrance, California presented "Crowdfunding Trends in 2016" on May 15, 2016 at the Toyota Auto Museum. Topics included new legislation around crowdfunding (JOBS Act), what entrepreneurs have learned from past campaigns and more about service providers in crowdfunding. In Part 2 of 2, we feature the Q&A session after [...]

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Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act [Mark Hiraide]

Starting on May 16, 2016, entrepreneurs will be given unprecedented access to capital. For the first time in the history of federal securities regulation, companies will be allowed to take investments – i.e., sell “securities,” such as equity -- to the crowd without regarding to investor sophistication. This expansion of the funding universe for cash-starved [...]

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Fundraising – Do They Charge Fees [Joe Platnick]

Imagine going to a bank or Venture Capital firm and receiving a bill for a few thousand dollars for your first meeting. Imagine also that the requests for payment only get worse the further into their funding process you go. By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m making this up. However, there are Angel [...]

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How Do Those @#$%^ Angel Groups Survive (AKA Angels Behaving Badly) [Joe Platnick]

In my original Top 10 list of criteria for selecting an angel investor, there were two items that aren’t often discussed, but are worth scrutinizing during the fundraising process: (1) Honesty and integrity and (2) Are they respectful of entrepreneurs If you talk to founders and CEOs that have gone through early-stage fundraising, many will [...]

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Beware of the Money Changers [Joe Platnick]

In blog posts over the years, one of the topics I frequently talk about is how to evaluate an Angel group. Today’s post addresses “do they actually have capital and a track record of investing their own personal funds” and is from a story I’ve told at several entrepreneurial events. Although most people assume it’s [...]

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