Let Your Experience Make a Difference

Would you like to become a mentor? The SBEC is fortunate to have assembled a stellar array of talented mentors who volunteer their time. SBEC mentors are seasoned professionals with experience in developing business plans, building management teams, and solving difficult growth problems.

SBEC Lead Mentors meet regularly with their assigned companies to work through the myriad challenges ahead of them. Where particular issues arise, we also have a wonderful group of specialty mentors (e.g., finance, marketing, technology) to ensure each company gets the best possible help. For our cohort companies, the ability to work with professional and seasoned experts in a variety of fields saves countless hours of trial and error in developing their ventures.

SBEC Mentors serve multiple roles:

  • Role Model
    Cohort clients will often look for a set of habits, approaches, style and skills that the mentor exhibits and that the mentee wishes to emulate and practice.
  • Sounding Board
    Mentors provide opportunities for their charges to articulate and develop ideas without fear of pre-judgment, criticism or ridicule, contribute real value to the relationship.
  • Guide
    Mentors can offer guidance. Guidance is different from leading – it allows discovery.
  • Skills Developer
    A mentor can assume a teaching or coaching role around a particular skill set, helping the Cohort client to learn quickly.
  • Advocate and Champion
    Good mentors may choose to actively and wisely foster support for the client across the community.

We feel strongly that having positive and knowledgeable mentors is a major force in making our entrepreneur clients successful. If you would like to become a mentor and share your expertise to help emerging South Bay businesses, please complete the form here for consideration to be an SBEC mentor. It’s rewarding, and many mentors learn as much as they teach.

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